I am Petar Nikolić.

I was born in Rijeka in 1982. where I gained Masters’ degree in psychology. After college I was further educated as Cognitive-behavioral therapist, specialized Sports psychology and today I am enrolled in 4-year Cybernetics and Systemic therapy. Informal schooling has far greater role in the knowledge we acquire during our lifetime. In such a way, from various sources of information, I was shaped as a person and as a psychologist.

In psychology, I was never interested in disorders. I wanted to work with those who were trying to do seemingly impossible and are admired by others. At the same time, I wanted to do things my way and to be better than others. I started working with athletes at first. Gradually, equally competitive field of business attracted my attention. Both in sports and business, I work with my clients’ strengths. I believe psychology is not about making people less miserable, but about making them more powerful, happier and better.

My office is in Rijeka, Croatia. I do my work with clients from other cities and countries successfully by video calls and occasional meetings.


  • Prva sušačka hrvatska gimnazija u Rijeci, 1996.-2000.
  • Philosophical college in Rijeka, Department of Psychology, 2000.-2007.
  • Croatian football federation academy, UEFA A licence, 2011.-2017.
  • Croatian association for bihevioral and cognitive psychology, 1st degree, 2012.
  • Biofeedback and Neurofeedback therapist, Croatian association for Bioeedback and Neurofeedback therapy, 2017.
  • Croatian psychological chamber, Sport psychology specialization, 2017.-2018.
  • School of Cybernetics and Systemic therapy, 2020.-trenutno