Train you brain,

the most important muscle you have 

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Your dreams start your story, together we make it real

We all dream and plan how to achive our goals, or how to get to that familiar feeling that represents success to us.
By incorporating new knowledge about ourselves and about the world, we are changing on a conscious or unconscious level, every day.
To better understand that process, sometimes it is better to turn to somebody who can make personal growth easier.


I shape my work around your needs


You know your job. I will help you achieve opitimal mindset so you can make the best possible business and life decisions. Improve stress management, organization and business relationships.


I will show you how to handle the demands of professional sports. Pressure, competition, wins and losses are all part of an athlete’s life. Learn how to manage your career.

My clients about me

“The difference between physiotherapy infirmary I opened 25 years ago and a policlinic with 15 employees that make Scipion today, made my approach almost archaic. That caused malfunction in diagnostics and therapy, as well in communication within staff. Realizing we needed help (but not knowing what kind), we hired a psychologist Petar Nikolić, to analyze problems and offer solutions. Only 7 months later I can say we got more than we hoped for.
It started with better understanding within staff and that sped up and made triage better by creating diagnostics and therapy more efficient. It went on by learning new communication skills and that improved patients’ relations and therapy results, also lowering stress in the process. Finally, we became more productive and we dramatically reduced complaints.

Calculating the efficiency of our investments, it has been obvious that no other investment in equipment, education or marketing in the last decade, hasn’t brought even close results in volume or speed. I can only be sorry I haven’t done that earlier.”

– Dean Mistura
The owner of Scipion policlinic

My solution follow your needs

Creating a training program personally for you is very important to me. I apply unique and personalized solutions that are the best for you and bring permanent change into your life.

I help you by:

Making your life direction clear

your focus

Making you use your time efficiently

Teaching you how to prioritize

Channeling your

Improving your emotional control



The Roseto effect

A little town Roseto, Pennsylvania became interesting in the early 1960‘s. A local doctor shared his findings of extremely low heart attack mortality rates in


The magic of being stupid

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