Train you brain,

the most important muscle you have 

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Increase self-confidence, prevent burnout!

“In a crazy and fast business world at least one Petar is necessary for us to stop the time, see the challenge from a different perspective and get the most out of ourselves.” – Milica Mladenović

psiholog rijeka petar nikolić

Learn how to manage yourself and your relationships

Individual counseling

You are stressed? You feel burnt out? You are losing a direction in life? Individual approach enables you to change in your pace and your way.

Group coaching

Teams can always improve their communication and be more productive and satisfied. Make sure your team gets the best out of each individual.

You have had enough of stress? Increase your productivity!

You feel symptoms of stress and burnout? You are interested in personal development? You want to increase you focus and self-confidence?

Your have a stressful job or you are an athlete? You need a psychologist for your team?

I help you by:

Making your life direction clear

Teaching you how to prioritize

Improving your focus

Channeling your effort

Making you use your time efficiently

Improving your emotional control



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