They say you can write a book only when you become the book you’re writing. I’d apply this claim to the psychologist’s work. As a psychologist, neither me nor my work, can be separated from who I am. I have always been restless and fast, thinking and talking. I played every game to win, very passionately and with attitude. With life experience, I have made my sharp edges smoother. Now, with passion and attitude, fast, but with empathy and understanding, together with my clients I’m learning and looking for theirs and mine victories in life. Therefore, my work with people is intensive and success orientated.

You will tell me what’s on your mind, what do you want to change and what are your desired outcomes. I will use what you already do good, remind you of what you have forgotten and teach you something new, so you could reach your outcome easier. My task is finding a way that best suits you and that will be personalized for you and our relationship.

It is important to say that I don’t fit you in some program I have for you. My approach is highly individualized and based on what you bring with you. Work we do together can be totally different than my work with someone else.

As a person I make a difference by being different than anybody else, just as you do. I can’t and won’t hide from my own personality and with my knowledge and experience, that makes me exactly the psychologist I am. Specifically, that means I will inexorably, but in your rhythm, push you towards the outcomes we have specified as desirable. You don’t “sit and talk” with me. We’ll make a plan that will take us in the direction of the change you want and in that plan your role is extremely important. You are not passive and I don’t throw around wisdom. You have an active role and you will have tasks on a regular basis that will test your new knowledge and approach. With those tasks and things to explore, even in the time in between our sessions, you will have a lot of benefits. I adjust duration and schedule of our sessions to your needs. I don’t work with many people and you will never wait for your que to see me. If we agree so, I will be at your disposal in between sessions as well. 

Right now! ☺ If you are my typical client, then you already have above average abilities and have probably already tried making a change. Maybe you have taken some advice from friends and family. Maybe you are certain you’ll succeed on your own, but you are in distress. If you are not successful or partly successful and if your quality of life suffers, think about reaching out to me. That doesn’t mean you are crazy, stupid or whatever. As the matter of fact, it means you are smart enough to use the resources that are available, just as I would use resources from your area of expertise, if I needed them.

You can read about my qualifications here. It is just a proof of formal knowledge. I was shaped, and still continue to be shaped by all the encounters with my colleagues and clients, seminars, books and all of my life experience. I believe that who I am shapes my way of work and just as you are unique, my work is my reflection.

What I want to say had been described very well by dr. Graham Barnes: “What a waste of resources, what a waste of human abilities, of us therapists putting ourselves in those little boxes with different labels on them. After years of studying to become therapists, we have to become this or that sort of therapist, instead of becoming human therapist! Therapist that is in a flawless interaction with every patient that goes through his door”.

My shortest successful work with a client was two sessions, and longest 4.5 years. That being said, the client I’ve worked with the longest wasn’t sick. He was a top successful athlete, that needed the process of guidance and training in various stages of his career, and that process looked a lot different that a classic idea of psychologist’s work. Can I then say, there is no rule?

The duration of the process depends of the problem you are coming with, changes you seek and the context you are in. Our success is making the change and desired outcomes as efficient as possible and permanent. When I see the client can sustain the change on his own and continue the development, I suggest spreading out the sessions and eventually ending the relationship.

I’m sure you won’t! My success is making the client independent as soon as possible. It is highly likely I will suggest termination of therapy when I see you can do it on your own.

The answer is basically the same as it is in the context of a single client. In every group I evaluate the needs of that group in that moment. Even if I used something prepared in advance, it is flexible enough to use the group dynamics to create solutions best for specific moment and situation. Within the group, individual work with every member is key to making progress. Group workshops with a lot of theory, that can be found on the Internet, are not a part of my job. I am focused on specific needs of the group and its members and my work within a certain group will not be repeated in any other, different group.