Statement on the protection and security of personal data

Perebellum, trade for education and teaching owned by Petar Nikolić, respects your privacy. We want to inform you about the method and purpose of collecting your personal data and guarantee that we protect them according to the legal obligation.

Perebellum, trade for education and teaching, owner Petar Nikolić (hereinafter: Perebellum); OIB 77036957757, with headquarters in Hreljin, Hreljin 139, as the manager of personal data processing, uses and protects personal data that you voluntarily provide to us via the website, via contact forms on the website, via printed forms, via e-mail, telephone conversations and live conversations with Perebellum’s employees and via text messages, either as an existing user or as a potential user of our services (hereinafter: users).

Personal data

Personal data is information about the user that either directly or indirectly identifies him as a natural person. They include all information that can be used to determine the user’s identity, such as first and last name, e-mail address, residential address, telephone number, location information, and others.

You can only provide us with personal data voluntarily, and you retain full control over how long we may use it and for what purpose, and whether we should delete it permanently.

We collect only those of your personal data that are necessary to fulfill the purpose for which you provide them to us. Some personal data are necessary for the provision of our services, so if you withhold them, we will not be able to provide you with our services.

Perebellum undertakes not to provide the user’s personal data for inspection to third parties unless it is necessary for the realization of the service we provide to the user and in accordance with the purpose for which the user provided us with personal data, and unless it is permitted or even required by legal obligation.

The purpose and legal basis of collecting personal data

We collect users’ personal data for the purpose of providing our services, for the possibility of responding to user inquiries, and for the purpose of improving our services and website. The user provides his personal data for each of these purposes with separate express consent.

The legal basis for collecting your personal data is contained in the General Provision on the Protection of Personal Data (679/2016) of the EU, the Law on the Implementation of the General Regulation on Data Protection (Official Gazette 42/2018) and in other valid applicable regulations.

Storage and deletion of user’s personal data

Perebellum stores the user’s personal data in its database and keeps it until receiving the user’s request to delete the data from the database, or longer if there is a legal obligation to do so.

If you give us your consent to use your personal data for marketing purposes, such as sending a newsletter, your data will also be stored in the databases of third parties through which we send our e-mail messages, until you deny us such consent.

In accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, the user has the right to request insight into the collected personal data and the method of their use and storage, as well as their correction or deletion from the database.

You can request access to personal data, their correction or deletion via e-mail If you request the deletion of personal data from Perebellum’s database, they will be irreversibly deleted or anonymized.

Submission of complaints to supervisory authorities

A user who believes that his rights related to the use and protection of personal data, as described, have been violated, can submit a complaint to the competent authority.

Cookies files

Perebellum’s website, like almost every website you visit on the Internet, uses files called “cookies”. When you visit a website, it stores “cookies” on your computer. These files are used to improve the functionality of websites by collecting various data about the device from which the visit came, how long the visit lasted, etc. Using these and other collected data, we gain insight into the way our website is used and visited, and improve the user experience.

Perebellum does not use data collected through “cookies” to reveal the identity of the visitor, but exclusively for analytical and statistical purposes. To collect and analyze this data, we use Google Inc.’s software, Google Analytics, whose data collection settings enable complete anonymity of visitors, and we use these settings exclusively so that the anonymity of visitors is fully preserved during data analysis.

It is important to know that through the settings of the Internet browser you use, you can block the storage of “cookies” on your computer, and you can also delete them from your computer or gain insight and control over already stored “cookies”. Follow these links to do so:

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox: