Milica Mladenović PhD

Just like so many ambitious career people, every day I am exposed to great external and internal pressure that is visible through various symptoms. Determined to address some of them, I began working with Petar. I learned how to improve my focus, prioritize, use my time more efficiently, define and limit my activities. It would be understated to say that has made me more productive, rested, at peace and a better manager. Petar defines the problem at its core and then he offers tools to solve it. Always prepared and organized, his presentation is easy going, which is relaxing and makes everything simpler and easier to get over.But, what makes Petar really special is that he loves people. He really loves his calling and he cares. In a crazy and fast business world, at least one Petar is necessary to stop the time, to make us look at the challenge from a different perspective and to get the best out of us.